How much do you #LovetheOcean?

It’s easy to say we love the Ocean, but for many of us, our everyday actions tell a different story. Seas of plastic, declining fish stocks and ocean acidification are just some examples of the destruction caused to the ocean by our everyday activities, which also have a profound effect on our health and wellbeing. Our relationship with the ocean has become toxic and one-sided. After all, the ocean cares for us in many real ways. It provides us with more oxygen than all the world’s rainforests combined – that’s almost every second breath, provided by the ocean. It also cares for us through climate regulation, food, medicines and a variety of recreational opportunities.


Show us your commitment to your ocean – this Valentine’s day the Sea Change team are asking everyone to pledge one action to #LovetheOcean and encourage others to do the same, by sharing this across social media. Share your actions online in a photo, video, sharing our Facebook cover image on your profile pic, telling us what you’re doing to Love your Ocean better, and tagging it with #LovetheOcean.

Even by making a small change in your everyday life, you can achieve big results in helping to protect the ocean. The Sea Change campaign provides tips and useful resources on what you can do to make a difference. This campaign is based on the latest scientific evidence with input from scientists and educators from a range of disciplines.






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After 3 years of work to improve Ocean Literacy across Europe, the Sea Change project concludes today with our final conference in Paris. Here’s an overview of the project and what’s been achieved. #LovetheOcean #OurOceanOurHealth

At the Sea Change final conference in Paris we are hearing from Vladimir Ryabinin, Executive Secretary of IOC-UNESCO, about why we need better integration between science and society.

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#LoveTheOcean is an initiative driven by Sea Change EU

Sea Change is an EU H2020 funded project that aims to establish a fundamental “Sea Change” in the way European citizens view their relationship with the sea, by empowering them, as Ocean Literate citizens, to take direct and sustainable action towards a healthy ocean, healthy communities and ultimately a healthy planet.